Sun Moon Ceremony


Begin the new year with the majestic Sun Moon Ceremony out at Nukara Farm so you can harmonise and illuminate your path for the year ahead! All Welcome.

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  • Are you seeking self-care and a energetic cleanse for after the festive season?
  • Do you desire a deeper connection with yourself and others?
  • Are you in need of a space to let go, celebrate and reflect on the past year while setting intentions for the upcoming one?
    You can begin the new year with the majestic Sun Moon Ceremony on January 6th, 2024 out at sacred Nukara Farm.This ceremony will be the gateway to harmonising and illuminating your path for the year ahead!

The Sun & Moon

Just like the sun and the moon, we must form sacred union within ourselves first before entering into sacred union with our gifts, each other and the world.

The sun, representing masculine energy, and the moon, representing feminine energy, beautifully merge in sacred union.

They embody a balanced, harmonious and illuminating flow of energy within themselves and between each other.

This is possible within each of us too, as we also consist of both masculine and feminine energy and are connected by the web of life.


The Experience

During the ceremony, you’ll tap into the radiant energy of the sun and the intuitive energy of the moon.

By embracing their energy, you’ll potentially create sacred union within yourself, harmonising and illuminating both the divine feminine and masculine aspects within you.

This process increases your creativity and productivity, enhancing your relationships, gifts, purpose, manifesting abilities and overall wellbeing.

This ceremony includes a sacred union body prayer, a lunar solar meditation and a magical water anointing ritual infused with the energy of the sun and the moon.

Together, we’ll raise our voices in a powerful prayer of love and manifest the sacred union of the divine masculine and divine feminine within ourselves and the world around us.

Don’t miss the opportunity to harmonise and illuminate your journey for the new year.