If you’re feeling disconnected from yourself, dealing with stress, burnout or facing challenges in pregnancy, motherhood, your menstrual cycle or fertility, Shamanic Womb Healing can offer you a gentle pathway towards release, reset and reconnection.

Welcome! I’m Melissa a Shamanic Womb Practitioner.

Shamanic Womb Healing goes beyond the limits of your mind, leading you to tap into your inner wisdom. It’s a journey of returning to your natural state and aligning with the universe.

The womb in this context symbolisies your feminine centre serving as a gateway to your feminine spirit. It encompasses qualities of being in flow, expressing creativity, following intuition, embracing vulnerability, voicing your truth and fostering community connection. 

By consciously connecting with your womb you awaken these feminine qualities. Shamanic womb healing guides you through addressing the emotional challenges of your issues and offering tools and techniques to navigate them.

 Through shamanic practices you energetically cleanse your mind, body, womb and soul allowing for release, reset and reconnect.

How can I help you to discover your fullest potential?

Hypnobirthing Classes & Midwifery

Join like-hearted women in workshops centred around inner growth and the feminine spirit.

Release stress, reset and reconnect with yourself with Reiki or Womb Healing sessions.

A Feminine Path to Freedom, Wholeness & Self-Love. 7-nights in Ubud, Bali. Say YES to YOU!

I had a womb healing and awakening session with Melissa and all I can say is wow! Melissa talked me through the process, made me feel nurtured and cared for but also honoured my own intuition in the session. Melissa held space for me to process and feel into what I was needing in that very moment.  Melissa has a gentle, nurturing and graceful power which is perfect for this work and for teaching xo
Lauren Corbett- Geraldton, Western Australia

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