Set Boundaries Like a She-Wolf


Tap into your inner she-wolf, set boundaries and prioritise your needs, align with your values & cultivate fulfilling relationships.

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During this workshop you’ll have the opportunity to explore and embody various practices that will assist you in unleashing your inner she-wolf, boosting your confidence and establishing healthy boundaries, without the guilt.

These practices include:

  • Meeting your inner She-Wolf
  • Identifying when it’s a yes or no
  • Communicating assertively 
  • Cutting energetic cords
  • Establishing healthy boundaries
  • Finding your inner howl 
  • Channeling spiritual protection
  • Embodying your wild nature

These practices are designed to potentially benefit you for a lifetime, just like your inner she-wolf. By embracing these practices, you can enjoy positive effects in your life including:

  • Having your needs fulfilled
  • Living a life that aligns with your values
  • Making decisions that resonate with your soul
  • Gaining respect from both yourself and others
  • Enhancing your communication skills
  • Feeling seen, heard, and understood 
  • Experiencing reduced conflict, anger and resentment
  • Nurturing good energetic hygiene and self-care habits
  • Cultivating healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

This workshop is for you if you’re ready to embrace your inner-she wolf, change your life by setting boundaries, prioritise your needs and live authentically.