With Melissa Ayling

Sun Moon Ceremony

10/12/23. In this ceremony, you’ll tap into the radiant energy of the sun and the gentle energy of the moon. By embracing their energy, you’ll create a sacred union within yourself, harmonising and illuminating both the divine feminine and divine masculine aspects within you. This ceremony serves as a gateway to manifesting sacred union with someone else, whether they are already present in your life or not.

Set Boundaries Like a She-Wolf

20/01/24. Break free from neglecting your needs and learn to set boundaries in your personal and professional life. By embracing your inner she-wolf, you’ll tap into intuition, inner strength, healthy boundaries and protection. This workshop will benefit you with fulfilled needs, aligned values, soul-resonating decisions, respect, reduced conflict and healthier relationships.

A Shamanic Womb Journey

15/10/23. Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed by uncertainty and indecision about your purpose? As a woman, you can often face limiting beliefs and past conditioning that hold you back. Imagine the freedom of letting go, shedding past conditionings and reconnecting with yourself on a deeper level. This Shamanic Womb Journey will help you to feel reset, self-acceptance and purposeful.

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