Free Guided Womb Healing MP3

with Melissa Ayling


Your busy lifestyle, past traumas or neglect of your body can disrupt the energetic flow of your womb, affecting your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual aspects in life.

This practice will help you cleanse your mind, body, womb & soul of past negative experiences, reconnect with yourself, take a moment to recharge and tap into your inner wisdom.

This practice offers spiritual guidance to help you overcome your current challenges and manifest your heart’s desires.

By the end of the practice, you’ll feel release, reset and reconnected.

From my womb to yours…

Love Melissa x

 About Melissa:

Welcome! I’m Melissa Ayling a Womb Shamanic Practitioner, Retreat Hostess and proud Mother. I’ve been facilitating womb work and feminine mystery immersions for over 8 years.

Most women that come to me have experienced womb issues and unwanted experiences however I also support women that want to embrace their feminine expression and feel whole in themselves.

I guide women through rebuilding a safe, loving and sovereign relationship with their womb and healing her energy therefore awakening to their womb’s wisdom and feminine side.

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