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Learn to ride the waves of your birth journey.

Hi mum, (or mum-to-be)

My name is Melissa Ayling and I am an award-winning Hypnobirthing Australia™ practitioner. I am also a pregnancy retreat leader, birth doula, postnatal doula, reiki practitioner, meditation therapist, and holistic counsellor. I am certified in aromatherapy for birth workers and–most importantly—the proud mum to two hypnobirthed boys!

I love the work I do because it lets me be a proud advocate for mothers and women everywhere, every day.


What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing Australia™ is a state-of-the-art childbirth education program that showcases labour and what to expect during birth in a positive way.

Using everything from science to ancient wisdom, hypnobirthing helps parents-to-be to rise above any unnecessary doubts, anxieties or even fears surrounding birth. It prepares a mother with the positive mindset, tools & techniques and good support that she needs to birth with calmness, positivity and confidence.

Which means? No matter what path your birth journey takes – from a natural hospital birth to an induction birth to a caesarean birth to a cozy home birth – hypnobirthing can help you to have the best birth possible.

It is a great foundation for positive parenting and can add the benefits of improved sleep during pregnancy, a strengthened bond with birth partners, better breastfeeding outcomes and a reduced risk of postnatal depression.

My Story (And the Reason I Love This Work!)

I want you to know that I was never so positive and passionate about birth as I am today.

You see, hypnobirthing gave me back my confidence after a devastating miscarriage. Afraid to connect with my baby the next time I conceived, I felt anything but excited and positive.

Through hypnobirthing, I learned to lead with my instincts, not my fears, and the tools and techniques brought happiness and confidence back into my pregnancy.

Learning the powerful mind-body connection completely changed not only my birthing experience but my entire life. I couldn’t keep the knowledge to myself. I wanted to shout it from the rooftops!

And so, you could say that my calling was conceived in my darkest hour.

Now, I help others think and feel positive too by helping them to relax and trust their bodies, able to enjoy the miracle of pregnancy and birth.

And so here’s my message to you, one mama to another…

Birth is miraculous and so are you.

My desire is to help women be at the centre of their birth journey. This begins with the right education about birth, what’s actually involved, and a deep understanding of what the body is designed to do.

With this knowledge, you will be empowered to make the choices that are right for you and your baby. And you will be prepared to approach your journey with confidence and calm no matter what path it takes. You see, we cannot control birth, but we can control our perspective, our thoughts and feelings, and our belief systems.

Our culture—especially the media—would have us believe birth is full of pain and suffering. There is also shame associated with how we do or do not choose to birth and how our births turn out.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it wasn’t always this way. 

My job is to guide you back to the right knowledge. Let me show you how.

Trained with the best

I have trained directly with and had my heart touched by the world’s best birth workers:

  • Melissa Spilsted — Founder and director of Hypnobirthing Australia™
  • Ibu Robin Lim — Midwife, CNN hero and owner of Bumi Sehat Birth Centre, Ubud Bali
  • Debra Pascali-Bonaro — DONA doula teacher, childbirth educator, author and film director of ‘Orgasmic Birth- Births Best Kept Secret’
  • Dr Kate Levett — Practitioner of Japanese and Chinese Acupuncture, and a birth educator, epidemiologist, educator and researcher
  • Julia Jones – Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula and creator of ‘Newborn Mothers’

My formal credentials:

  • 2019 Consumer Representative for Midwifery Group Practice, Geraldton Regional Hospital
  • 2019 Reiki 1 Practitioner
  • 2018 Hypnobirthing Australia™ Award winner for outstanding practitioner achievement
  • 2018 Eat Pray Love Birth Doula  & Student DONA Doula
  • 2018 Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional
  • 2016 Certified Sacred Scent Aromatherapy Birth Worker
  • 2016 Hypnobirthing Australia™ Award winner for outstanding practitioner achievement
  • 2014 Certified Hypnobirthing Australia™ practitioner
  • 2014 Certified IVHHD meditation therapist and holistic counsellor
  • Former medical secretary with over 10 years in the industry

Ready to give birth without any regrets?

Have the best start to motherhood possible and approach birth with the preparation, knowledge, tools and good support that you need for a positive birth experience.  

About my logo

I chose the cowrie shell as my logo to remind my clients that everything they need is already contained within. Birthing their child is coded into the very essence and fibre of their being. The folds of the vulva are found in the cowrie’s curves. Our feminine strength reflected in the beautiful sheen and resilient shell. The truth of our innate nature revealed in this small gift which rises from the mysterious, infinite, depths of the sea. The cowrie shell is, in many cultures, a symbol of motherhood, fertility, labour and birth.