Shamanic Womb Healing

with Melissa Ayling

  Are you feeling disconnected from yourself?

Perhaps you’re experiencing stress, burnout or facing challenges relating to pregnancy, motherhood, your menstrual cycle or fertility?

Shamanic Womb Healing offers mind, body & soul support to navigate the challenges that can come with womanhood and its many roles.

Through this practice you can experience a sense of release, reset and reconnection.

About Shamanic Womb Healing

Shamanic Womb Healing is a practice that goes beyond the limits of your mind and connects you with your inner wisdom.

It’s about returning to a natural state of being and aligning yourself with the universe.

In this context, the womb represents your feminine centre, your connection to your feminine spirit.

The feminine carries qualities such as being in flow, expressing creativity, having vision and intuition, embracing authenticity and vulnerability, speaking your truth and fostering community connection.

Consciously connecting to your womb awakens your feminine qualities.

When we talk about healing it’s important to note that it doesn’t necessarily mean curing.

In the realm of shamanic womb healing, healing refers to not allowing your past issues or current challenges to define who you are. It involves guiding you through the emotional challenges of your issues and offering tools and techniques to navigate them.

It also helps to release bottled-up emotions, experience a reset and reconnect with the truest expression of yourself.

Your Benefits

Shamanic womb healing offers a range of benefits including reclaiming your identity, releasing stress or trauma, enhancing creativity and intuition and improving mental and reproductive health, self-worth, libido and relationships.

Even if you’re pregnant, post menopausal or don’t have a physical womb, this work is still beneficial.

Shamanic womb healing offers support whether you seek natural or medical remedies.

What You’ll Experience

Every Shamanic Womb Healing session is personalised to suit your unique needs.

Shamanic Womb Healing can include any of the following:

  • Inner voice guidance
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Tibetan Womb Pulsing
  • Past Life Healing
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Sacred Practices & Rituals
  • Embodied Movement 
  • Emotional Release 
  • Chakra Energy Healing
  • Rite of the Womb Ceremony
  • Dragon Shakti Breath Work
  • Mother Earth & Cosmic Manifestation
I love Melissa’s energy. It feels anchoring and she creates a safe space. My womb awakening sessions have been quite a moving and illuminating experience. I have discovered many gifts. She is definitely a medicine woman! I look forward to our next session every time.
Kristy Horner- Geraldton, Western Australia

Melissa provided a peaceful, comfortable and loving space for my womb journey. She helped me with some issues I was having and alchemise them. It has really opened my eyes to a new realm of learning. Your loving presence and intuition helped me tremendously. It was truly amazing and I recommend it to all women.
Jazmyn Studders- Kalbarri, Western Australia

Melissa held a really beautiful and supportive space for me, where I felt open to explore without hesitation or judgement. Her guidance was loving and nurturing and made it easy for me to drop into a feminine space. She was completely present with my experience and guided me every step of the way. When it was complete I felt lighter and a sense of joy.
Cherie Bousfield- Kiama, New South Wales

Your Womb Healing Options


1:1 personalised shamanic womb healing sessions.

4 x 90 minute sessions over 2 months helping you commit to your journey and experience transformation.

Free video series on how to easily connect with your inner voice (Valued at $97).

Access to my telegram number where you can ask me any questions and share reflections throughout the 2 months. 


Via Zoom or in-person.

Perfect for you if are:

  • Feeling challenged with emotions such as stress, grief or burnout.
  • Experiencing identity loss, menstrual concerns or fertility issues.
  • Have a physical womb or not.
  • Pregnant.
  • Ready for the next step in your journey.


I’m currently offering sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 9.30am – 11.00am AWST.


$1111.00 AUD pay in full (save $86.00).

Or a deposit of $399.00 and two fortnightly payments of $399.00.

Please ensure your payment plan is finalised before our last two sessions together. No refund is given once the first session commences.

Unsure? Book your FREE 20 minute clarity call.

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About Melissa

Welcome! I’m Melissa Ayling a Shamanic Womb Practitioner, Retreat Hostess and proud Mother of two and I’ve been facilitating women’s work for over 8 years.

Initially, I perceived womanhood as a burden and I believed men had it easier. I carried shame, regret, resentment and self-hate. I was disconnected from my body, felt low self-esteem, was afraid to speak my truth and suffered burnout.

However, my discovery of shamanic womb healing was the missing piece that helped me create a more confident, aligned and intuitive life. It has also enabled me to guide other women in connecting with their inner wisdom, leading to a sense of release, reset and reconnection so they can come back home to themselves.

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