Here’s 11 mystical truths about your womb that you should know so you can remember how powerful, intelligent, innocent and creative your womb actually is… and this knowledge isn’t something new.

1. Womb issues = womb intelligence

Any problem/issues/challenge you experience with your womb is not a weakness. This is your womb communicating with you as she’s highly intelligent. Your body will use your womb and your cycle to make you aware of problems in your body, life and soul. 

Every wound you begin to heal and every layer you awaken… brings you closer to your femininity and soul. Perceive your wounds as your initiation in taking a good look at your life, getting to know yourself and discover the root cause to your issues.


2. No physical womb? You still have an energetic one!

If you don’t have a physical womb you still have an energetic one! This is because the energy that created your womb is still present and you can work with this energy.

When it comes to your monthly cycle you also experience an energetic one because you sync with the phases of the moon and the rhythms of mother earth. This the same for women in the post menopause phase too.


3. The womb is the original ‘Garden of Eden’

The ‘Garden of Eden’ originally translates as the ‘Womb of Consciousness’ For anything to be birthed it needs to go through a womb first. Your womb has an energetic garden and it has its own consciousness.

Your womb is a medicine wheel that is energetically connected to the earth, fire, air and water elements. You can work with and balance these elements out therefore creating balance in your life… just like a garden needs to thrive!


4. Your womb is your creative centre

It’s through the womb that a life is created and that same life force energy that creates a human life also inspires us to create anything! You can ignite your creativity by awakening your creative energetic centre…

Your WOMB! Your ‘mind’ starts to receive your creative visions from your womb energy and you feel physically motivated to create.


5. Your womb is your connection to your femininity 

Your feminine power resides deep within your womb. When you start to awaken the energy of your womb… you awaken your feminine power. Creativity, being, in flow, authenticity, feeling, intuition, receptivity, vulnerability etc.

Trust that your femininity isn’t something that has been taken away or is lost…She’s has always been there… she just needs to reclaimed!!


6. Your womb is a hologram

Your womb is a hologram to the cosmic womb of creation. The cosmic womb is the black void in the universe where stars and souls are born through.

You have your very own wombiverse inside of you that can create, birth, dissolve and rebirth anything… just like the cosmic womb.


7. You have a sacred feminine crown

There’s a lot of focus on the masculine crown in the spiritual world but not so much the feminine crown. The masculine crown (on top of your head) connects you to your higher consciousness, source, your spiritual support team and the universe.

Your feminine crown consists of your womb, yoni, anus & perineum. We need to lovingly connect to this sacred part of ourselves more. Your feminine crown connects you to Mother Earth and helps you to experience gifts such as being grounded, sensual and feeling home in your body.

You slow down to mother earth’s pace, see her beauty, receive her words of wisdom and hear the voice of your soul.


8. Women are natural born shamans 

Women are natural-born shaman’s because of their womb! When you start to heal and awaken the energy of your womb your womb becomes a portal to spiritual realms and you’re able to connect to spiritual wisdom- just like a shaman.


9. Your womb is not only a physical organ

Your womb is not only a physical and reproductive organ. She is home to your femininity, intuition, self-love, purpose, creativity, confidence, inner voice, sensuality, freedom, boundaries, abundance, sexuality, authenticity, source connection, sovereignty…and the list goes on.


10. You attract what your womb is vibing at

Your womb is an energetic container. Old emotions, unwanted experiences, past memories, past lives and other people’s energies create energetic patterns.

You and your womb can live in the past. This creates limits and blocks therefore affecting what you attract and experience in your life and possibly experience issues with your womb.


11. There used to be a womb religion

Before the world religions today, another religion existed. A womb religion. Yet back then it wouldn’t have been known as a religion. It was a way of life. A womb way of life.  Ancient artefacts prove this.

Both women and men honoured a mother creator. They honoured the womb, the feminine and the elements of creation. Coming of age, menstruation, birth, menopause and death were seen as something sacred and a rite of passage. They were honoured and celebrated.

We cycled with mother earth, the moon and cosmos and we were all connected to one another. We practiced rituals and sat in ceremony to help us grow to our fullest potential as humans on this earth. We were one with nature.

Womb work is a remembrance, it’s not something new.


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