Your womb is your creative centre and your ovaries hold the seeds to creativity.

Both the left and right ovaries are sacred sites and have their own energy; the feminine and masculine. When in balance they help to keep the creative energy in your womb in flow.

However if you’re lacking creativity then this might be because the energy within your ovaries and womb have become stagnant or even blocked.

Stress, trauma, blocked emotions, unwanted experiences, other peoples energy and even past lives or ancestral trauma can be the cause of stagnant and blocked energy.

Being creative isn’t limited to artwork. Creative energy is in creating a baby, business, cooking, household, garden, hobby etc. 

If you don’t have your physical womb anymore you still have an energetic womb to work with. This is because energy created your womb initially so the energy that created your womb is still there!

In this journal entry I will elaborate more on how you can express your creativity with the power of your womb and ovaries.

Your Left Ovary

Your left ovary is located within the feminine side of your body.

The feminine receives.

This ovary is the essence of the water element and represents intuition, surrender and receptivity.

Your left ovary receives the vision of what you want to create.

If receiving is a challenge… whether it’s receiving support, the essence of a beautiful location, inspiration, a seed to creativity, a message from your inner voice… then bring your breath and awareness to your left ovary.

Take a moment to tune into your left ovary. How does the energy feel? Is it warm, cold, blocked or even numb?

Your Right Ovary

Your right ovary is located within the masculine side of your body.

The masculine gives.

This ovary is the essence of the fire element and represents passion, creativity and sexuality. 

Your right ovary physically manifests your vision with productivity.

If creating is a challenge whether it’s manifesting your vision and/or soul purpose, expressing yourself, allowing yourself to shine, feeling energetic, being passionate about your visions and gifts… then bring your breath and awareness to your right ovary.

Take a moment to tune into your right ovary. How does the energy feel? Is it warm, cold, blocked, numb or even absent?

Your Womb 

Your womb is your creative centre.

When your left and right ovaries are in balance then this helps the creative energy of your womb to flow; together with the love from your heart.

Your womb becomes a magnetic and abundant centre. 

You come back to the core of who you are and feel centred in life.

As your womb energy awakens, this ignites your feminine essence. You too personally start to awaken to the potential of your womb.

You feel at one with nature and connected to everything; the web of life.

Your womb has the power to birth, dissolve and rebirth anything. She’s a hologram to the universe. You have your very own wombiverse inside of you!

Your womb also consists of other sacred sites that connect to the other elements of creation being earth and air; however that is a whole new journal entry! They too need to be in balance and I go into them more deeply in my womb awakening 1:1 sessions. 

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