When it comes to issues in a relationship, giving unconditional love seems to be the answer in the spiritual world these days. However I believe unconditional love is not always the answer and can become damaging and toxic to oneself. 

Why? Because relationship issues mostly stem from problems with lack of boundaries and communication.

So if you continue to give unconditional love without communicating and setting boundaries, it’s telling that person it’s ok to treat you like that so they’ll continue to do so.

You’re gaslighting yourself!

This is for any type of relationship. Lover, family, friends, work collegues, clients etc.

I have been journeying with this a lot the past few years so I wanted to share with you what has helped me personally. 

Every other living creature on this earth has conditions. Plants. Animals. And if they don’t they get taken advantage of. Even the law of attraction has conditions!

So us humans should too otherwise we’ll just be taken advantage of and become resentful towards others.

I do believe though that love is our natural state of being. 

But it’s a vulnerable state and there are some people that will take advantage of it.

This is when conditions are needed.

Healthy communication and boundary setting.

However if they’ve been set and the person continues to wrongly treat you then you need to make a decision to let them go or at least create some distance. 

Cord cutting and forgiveness may be needed as well.

We also need to be careful that we don’t just have high expectations on certain people. It’s damaging to a relationship.

Some people are only being themselves and aren’t intentionally hurting you. (Healthy communication and boundary setting will help determine this!)

Everyone has their own wounds (and gifts!) and will live their life from their own beliefs which creates their reality.

This is when acceptance and grief is needed. Accept the person for who they are and grieve that person you expected them to be.

They have every right to be who they are and you can’t change them to suit you.

If you get rid of the expectations then this can change the energy between you both to be healthier and will set you both free! 

If you’re wanting to take the next step with healthier communication, boundary setting, cord cutting, forgiveness and/or grieving expectations then I invite you to feel into my 1:1 womb healing & awakening sessions.

I can guide you through this and it can be related to your womb and/or anything in your life.

Welcome! I’m Melissa Ayling and I’m a mother of two, womb awakening facilitator, energy healer, inner voice guide and retreat hostess.

I’m here to guide you through healing and awakening your womb energy and feminine essence.

You’ll discover the knowledge and tools to connect to your womb, your femininity, release limiting patterns and manifest what you desire.

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