Sun Moon Ceremony

Sacred Union
  • Are you wanting to attract or enhance a meaningful relationship?
  • Do you long for deeper connection with yourself?
  • Are you in need of self-care before the holiday season arrives?
  • Do the world’s conflicts leave you feeling helpless?

To be able to connect to, support and love others, we must first establish deep connection, support and self-love within ourselves.

Just like the sun and the moon, we must form a sacred union within ourselves before entering into sacred union with others.

The sun, representing masculine energy, and the moon, representing feminine energy, beautifully merge in a sacred union. 

They embody a balanced, harmonious and illuminating flow of energy within themselves and between each other. And this is possible within each of us as we are all connected by the web of life.

 What You’ll Experience

I warmly invite you to join the majestic Sun Moon Ceremony. In this ceremony, you’ll tap into the radiant energy of the sun and the gentle energy of the moon. 

By embracing their energy, you’ll create a sacred union within yourself, harmonising and illuminating both the divine feminine and divine masculine aspects within you.

This ceremony serves as a gateway to manifesting sacred union with someone else, whether they are already present in your life or not.

As this energy flows through your being, it extends to Mother Earth and radiates out into the world, raising the vibrations.

During the ceremony, you will be guided through an ancient body prayer for sacred union, immerse yourself in a lunar solar meditation and experience a profoundly magical water anointing ritual infused with the primal energy of the sun and the intuitive power of the moon.

Together, let us call upon the truth residing within our hearts and raise our voices in a powerful prayer of love for ourselves, for one another and for the sacred union of the divine masculine and divine feminine.

Limited spots are available, so secure your space today. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

What are feminine and masculine energies?
Everyone consists of both masculine and feminine energies. No energy is better than the other. We however are born emobodying one more than the the other, no matter what our gender is.

These energies are associated with different traits and characteristics.

Masculine energy typically embodies qualities such as assertiveness, logic and structure. It tends to approach situations with a problem-solving mindset and a focus on efficiency.

Feminine energy is often associated with intuition, emotions and empathy. It emphasises adaptability, fluidity and connection.

Both energies have their unique strengths and can complement each other in various contexts.

Right now a majority of world is embodying too much masculine energy causing an imbalance leading to burnout, conflict and unfortuanlty in some places, war.

Recognising and embodying the diverse qualities of masculine and feminine energies can contribute to more balanced human behavior, interaction and a peaceful world.

I don't identify as a woman, can I come?
This ceremony welcomes individuals of any gender, age and stage in life.

The terms “masculine” and “feminine” energies do not refer to specific genders, but rather to qualities that exist within everyone.

Each person has the potential to embody both of these energies.

Shouldn't this ceremony be held on a full moon?

No, there is no specific moon phase that is better than the other for this ceremony.

Each moon phase carries its own unique significance.

This ceremony will be held during the waning crescent phase.

The waning crescent phase is actually perfect for this ceremony, as it symbolises a time of rest and rejuvenation. It’s a period of self-care, where we can seek balance, harmony and reconnect with ourselves. This phase allows us to let go of any external factors that are beyond our control, before the lunar cycle starts again.

This phase of the moon is an ideal opportunity to take some time for ourselves and replenish our energy as we enter the festive season.


  • Sun Moon Ceremony
  • Light refreshments served after
  • Bring a journal & water bottle


  • Any gender, any age, any stage in life.
  • Safe if pregnant.


Sunday 10th December, 2023.

2 – 5pm


Railway Health Hub
65 Chapman Rd, Geraldton



Secure now as limited spaces available!

I look forward to journeying with you in ceremony soon.

When purchasing your space you’re agreeing to the following terms & conditions:

  • Strictly no refunds however is transferable to another person however only for this event. The selling of the space is your responsibility.
  • By participating in this workshop you do so at your own risk and responsibility and it is not Melissa Ayling’s responsibility.

 About Melissa:

Welcome! I’m Melissa and I’m a Shamanic Womb Practitioner, Retreat Hostess and proud Mother of 2.

I guide women through reconnecting with their femininity, particularly through the reconnection with their womb. I believe that the womb is the centre of feminine energy and by reclaiming and remembering this power, women can live a life that is authentically their own. 

I am dedicated to helping women find purpose, pleasure and healing, not only for themselves but also for their ancestors, humanity and Mother Earth.


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