If you live a more masculine approach to life (productivity, giving, goal driven, focused, achieving, logical thinking) then you might find it hard to switch off your mind at night therefore affecting your sleep.

You might even lack sleep from other causes such as being triggered from a recent experience (or a long distant one) , drinking too much caffeine or even from being excited about life!

Getting a good night’s sleep is deeply healing. It’s your time for rest, repair and detoxing. It’s time when your subconscious sends you messages and insights via your dreams.

Since I started having kids, a good night’s sleep only came a couple of times a week (if that) and as years went by my kids’ sleep seemed to improve… but mine didn’t.

You may already know a few rituals for sleep such as limiting artificial lighting incl. TV and phones,  don’t eat after 7pm (increases adrenaline) , eat a banana, take magnesium, yin yoga, essential oils, journalling etc however sometimes you just need to discover more.

In this journal piece I share with you some womb practices that can help you to shift into a feminine state (intuition, creativity, being, receiving, authenticity, receiving, in flow etc) and get to sleep naturally… all while honouring your womb!


 Yoni Breathing

A lot of us are taught to belly breathe (which is great) but expand that breath and awareness down more.

Take some deep loving breaths into your belly/womb but expand your breath all the way down into your pelvic floor too.

The pelvic floor is a diaphragm too!

Feel your pelvic floor muscles gently move in and out with your breath.

This practice is very calming for your nervous system and can help to rewire the association you have with your yoni and pelvic floor. 

Your pelvic floor can’t relax if you’re breathing into your chest.


Feminine Affirmations

Instead of your mind going around in circles with thoughts… say these affirmations over and over in your mind until you drift off…

I am love
I am forgiving
I am authentic
I am safe
I am sovereign
I am womban
I am grateful for my life on this earth!

You soon condition yourself to associate these affirmations with peacefulness… in many sleeps to come!

You can create your own if those ones don’t quite align!


Womb and Body Massage

Giving yourself a massage can help to ground yourself back into your body. It calms your nervous system and reminds your mind & body that you’re safe therefore helping you sleep.

You can do this practice fully clothed or you can do this without clothes with a beautiful massage oil such as lavender or rose.

Don’t focus so much on the technique as it’s more about the sensations that you’re creating but you could try a light touch with your nails, a firm pressure with your hands and fingers or even a squeezing motion.

(I’m not the best at directions but let’s see how this goes!)

  1. Start at your feet and make your way up your legs and into your hips, lower back, belly, womb and chest.
  2. When you’re at your belly and womb area you can spiral in a clockwise direction. Your spiral grows from small to large; starting at your belly button and then slowly reaching under your lower ribs, waist, inside of hips and pubic bone. You can spiral in and out as often as you need.
  3. Your hands can massage each other and then cross them over to massage up your arms and into your shoulders and neck then up into your head.
  4. Give your face a good massage especially your jaw. Jaw tension is one of the first signs of stress and it is connected to your pelvis!

Massage yourself until you start yawning and you feel your energy levels drop.



Practice for Life

These womb rituals don’t need to be used just for sleep… They can be used at any time in your life to calm down and centre yourself. They are also a powerful practice for rewiring your association with your womb from a disconnected, tense and cold one to a warm, loving and powerful one.

You can practice them individually or together.

Please note that these womb practices are a complementary therapy so always contact your doctor if there are any concerns.

I hope these womb practices help in any way possible. Please let me know if you have any feedback or questions as I would love to hear from you! 

If you ever want to work initiate your own womb awakening journey then please have a feel into my 1:1 womb awakening sessions below:

Welcome! I’m Melissa Ayling and I’m a mother of two, womb awakening facilitator, inner voice guide, hypnobirthing practitioner and retreat hostess.

I’m here to guide you through understanding and trusting your womb and her processes including healing, awakening, menstruation, pregnancy and birth.

You’ll discover the knowledge and tools to connect to your womb, your femininity, release limiting patterns and manifest what you desire. Come back home to you and live the womban experience your soul came for!

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