If you’ve done a hypnobirthing course before you would of discovered that the pelvis and jaw are energetically connected and physiologically connected via muscles and fascia.

They are both in sacred union.

But I’ve discovered more in womb awakening that I just had to share with you (this info isn’t just for birth prep either… it’s for all women).

Shoulders & hips
Jaw & Pelvis (inc pelvic floor)
Mouth & Vagina
Throat & Cervix
Ears & Ovaries
Sinus & Fallopian tubes
Heart & Womb
Voice & Sexual energy (Creative Energy)

So is your womb and other feminine areas speaking to you by creating tension and energetic blocks in your upper body?

Or is your upper body creating tension or energetic blocks in your womb and other feminine areas?

Ask your womb and journal these…

Where do you hold tension in your body?

Where do you have problems in your body?

What inner and outer work do you need to do so these areas can be in sacred union? 

Where are you not speaking your truth in your life so your womb can better function?



To soften and open your body physically and energetically you can:

  • Take some deep breaths into your womb space and really sigh it out.
  • Give your (or someone else do it) face, throat, neck shoulders and heart space a good massage until you start yawning.
  • Voice your truth.
  • Freely dance from your womb’s centre.
  • Breathe in golden light and fill your womb. Visualise this light forming an umbilical cord and connect it to your heart. Then back to your womb. Then back to your heart and so on. Then do the same practice with the other body parts that are in sacred union.
  • Say yes to a womb awakening journey!
If you feel your want to deepen the connection with these areas in sacred union and begin your own womb awakening journey then I have 1:1 womb awakening sessions available here:

Welcome! I’m Melissa Ayling and I’m a mother of two, womb awakening facilitator, energy healer, inner voice guide and retreat hostess.

I’m here to guide you through healing and awakening your womb energy and feminine essence.

You’ll discover the knowledge and tools to connect to your womb, your femininity, release limiting patterns and manifest what you desire.

Come back home to you and live the womban experience your soul came for!

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