Everything that exists has been created with energy. Creative energy. From us humans to animals. From Mother Earth to the universe. 

In our human life creative energy isn’t limited to only artwork; creative energy is in our relationships, business, menstruation, birth, parenthood, facilitating, running a household, our daily life, the seasons… it’s in everything.

Creative energy is made up of two aspects; masculine and feminine energy. (Creative energy is also known as life force energy or even sexual energy)

When you are born, no matter what your gender is, you do naturally embody one energy more than the the other.

When you understand and embody these energies you find balance, harmony and wholeness in life.

You step into creativity and productivity… and you grow! 

I’m not talking about gender either. 

A lot of the world today accepts, honours and embodies masculine energy over feminine energy. This potentially creates disharmony and imbalance within us humans and the world including Mother Earth.

Many of us can feel unsafe in our feminine energy, perceive it as a weakness and are ashamed of it.

Or many in the spiritual world are now embodying the feminine but are not moving forward and becoming stagnant and stuck in life. They’re going around in circles! 

So what exactly are these energies and their traits?

Masculine and feminine energy differences

Even though both energies are separate and different in traits they still need each other and work together. 

They are in sacred union.

So if one energy is favoured then this will create disharmony and imbalance in the other energy therefore affecting someone’s life including anything from relationships to wellbeing to manifesting.

There is both a sacred and shadow side to these energies. 

Becoming familiar with them can help you to get to know yourself both shadow and light therefore becoming whole.

No one can ever point out your shadows too because you will already know them!

Here are some examples of the traits of these energetics:


When creating absolutely anything in life

For something to be created and birthed the masculine needs to be in service to the feminine.

E.g. In your feminine state you receive a vision of what you want to create, you’re connected to your truth and confident in voicing it, embody self worth, listen to your inner knowing etc

Then in your masculine state the vision is produced into physical reality! A plan is created, action is taken, there’s focus and strategy to birth the creation.

If there is not a vision before you take action then how do you think the creation will turn out?

Or if you have a vision but don’t take action then how do think the creation will turn out? It won’t!

This goes for anything in life and the world. Like I said above, creative energy is in everything! Relationships, business, menstruation, parenthood, facilitating, running a house hold etc.

When someone is embodying the sacred feminine this will shine a light on where the shadow masculine needs to be healed in themselves or someone else… and vice versa.


When it’s too one sided

Most of the world are embodying masculine energy and even the shadow feminine.

We are striving to succeed, over giving, living a linear life, feeling insecure etc

This leads to stress, overwhelm, inauthenticity, burnout and potentially emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Or it can go the other way.

There are who are too much in their feminine energy and not embodying the masculine for e.g. taking action! This can lead to stagnation, hiding and going nowhere. 

When someone is embodying the sacred feminine this will shine a light on where the shadow masculine needs to be healed in themselves or someone else… and vice versa.

It’s time to heal these energies and create balance between the two… and feel safe to do so! 


Your Womb Energy

Your womb is an energetic container that holds these two energetics and they create imprints within her.

However not only does she store the sacred traits but the shadow traits too and these imprints vibrate at certain frequencies affecting what you attract in your life. 

Your womb not only creates these imprints from your thoughts, experiences and social conditionings but she takes on energies from other people such as a current or past lover, your parent/s, ancestral line and even past lives.

In my womb awakening sessions I can guide you to find balance between your masculine and feminine energy within your womb and life.

I can also guide you to alchemise any shadow energies stored within your womb into a sacred feminine and/or masculine energy of higher frequency and love.

If you’re ready for the next step you can find out more about womb awakening and my energy healing 1:1 sessions here:

Welcome! I’m Melissa Ayling and I’m a mother of two, womb awakening facilitator, energy healer, inner voice guide and retreat hostess.

I’m here to guide you through healing and awakening your womb energy and feminine essence.  

You’ll discover the knowledge and tools to connect to your womb, your femininity, release limiting patterns and manifest what you desire.

Come back home to you and live the womban experience your soul came for!

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