We’ve been gathering in ceremony longer than we haven’t. Ceremonies have been created by humans from the beginning of time and are depicted in ancient artefacts dated back thousands and thousands of years ago all over the world.

Our ancestors gathered in ceremony to make sense of aspects in a world they couldn’t understand and then passed the ritual and knowledge on to each generation to live a better human experience.

We would gather in ceremony for many reasons such as celebrating, honouring, healing, gratitude, manifesting, grieving, seasonal change, understanding, rites of passage, hunting and more.

Ceremonies are different in nature compared to our everyday lives.

Ceremonies bring together conscious connection, community and oneness. 

They help us to push aside our ego’s, connect to our hearts and souls and step into the essence of our true selves… which is healing for and raises the vibrations of the collective and Mother Earth.

We gain spiritual healing, insight and guidance to any of our minds questions and major life events in ceremony. 

Ceremonies are a sacred space that we enter with reverence and high intention. 

We go inwards, connect to our ancestors (who sat in ceremony and heal those that didn’t!), mother earth and the universe and shift into non-linear time where unconditional love and unlimited abundance exist. 

Our intentions match with the frequency of love and abundance therefore we manifest what our hearts desire. 

Magic is created! 

We become enriched in life through the change ceremonies create on a cellular and soul level.

In the western world today ceremonies rarely exist and if so they unfortunately lack intention, depth, meaning, emotion and knowledge and have lost their sacredness and magic. 

The ancient ceremonies are limited to mostly tribal cultures and world religions. 

We now honour material possessions and what only can be explained by the medical/scientific profession in text books. 

Ceremonies are usually frowned upon and seen as witchy woo woo in the western world however it’s not meant to be like this. 

There is so much magic in ceremony and that’s why they barely exist now in the western world; as they know how magical they are.

However they haven’t been forgotten.

Let’s reclaim the magic of ceremony and weave them back into our lives and community! 

If you would like to experience a ceremony and/or other inner growth offerings; I hold regular ceremonies, shamanic journeys, retreats and 1:1 sessions which you can feel into via the link below.

Welcome! I’m Melissa Ayling and I’m a mother, womb shamaness, energy healer, inner voice guide and retreat hostess.

I’m here to guide you through healing and awakening your womb energy and feminine essence.

You’ll discover the knowledge and tools to connect to your womb, your femininity, release limiting patterns and manifest what you desire.

Come back home to you and live the womban experience your soul came for!

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