I have made the decision to no longer be a ‘Hypnobirthing Australia’ practitioner. 

For someone with the enneagram personality of a ‘loyalist’… this is huge for me. Loyalty needs to be reciprocal for me too and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

I feel my vision and mission no longer align with their vision and mission.

Plus the more I do the inner work… the more I want to focus on my womb healing & awakening sessions, workshops & retreat offerings.

It’s so important I let go of what’s not authentic anymore so I can make way for what is.

Hypnobirthing has been a massive part of my life and my soul growth though.

It helped me so much to birth my babies with trust, patience and love and to share the knowledge & tools with other women and their partners.

Thanks to all my clients over the years who trusted me to share what I knew! Well us women and our body’s already know… it’s more so our minds that don’t!

I’ve met some beautiful people along the way and made some great connections with clients, colleagues, ‘some’ hospital staff and ‘some’ medical professionals and other holistic birth workers.

But it wasn’t always so easy and I’m taking the time to say this…

There’s been times when women have had their hearts broken by their births. 

Whether it’s been broken by some systematic hospital staff (mostly) or Mother Nature getting it wrong (not so much but a lot of the time some hospital staff will make sure you think it is).

There’s scare tactics, lack of choice, lack of bodily autonomy and lack of informed consent. 

There’s disrespect, coercion, violation of human rights and laws broken. 

I at times would suffer vicarious trauma and stay awake at nights in disbelief to what my clients would share with me.

The hospital’s here (more so one over the other) took what I did way too personally and many never took the time to listen to and understand what ‘MY’ hypnobirthing classes were truly about. 

Some clients would also experience the misunderstanding and would feel disrespected when it came to birth choices and birth outcomes.

Birth isn’t about the midwives and doctors… it’s about the woman!!! It’s her birth… not theirs!!! Stop the hierarchy!

I also lost some friends when I started to step into my power… there are some people out there that really don’t like to see you change and grow. They prefer you to stay where you are. They also want to see you fail… well sorry… I’m not! I’m growing even more now (not sorry actually).

When others judge and criticise your work I believe this is because you have something they lack in. They want to feel better about themselves by trying to make you feel small (but they just make themselves look like an asshole).

Who knows where this decision will take me… I said I’m no longer associated with ‘Hypnobirthing Australia’ . I haven’t said I’m no longer associated with childbirth education! 

I could always create my own program… as even though it’s the same program nationwide… every practitioner is different.

In my classes I drew upon not just ‘Hypnobirthing Australia’ but a lot of my own personal experience, other trainings, workshops & certifications and most importantly the feedback and stories of the women/clients I’ve crossed paths with.

If I just followed the PowerPoint and the set notes (like I had been told to and like what the hospitals do) each session would of went for 1.5/2 hours… not 3 hours!

But that’s just a seed for now… let’s just see it that sprouts. 

I’m so grateful for the path I’ve been on, the life lessons I’ve learnt, what’s become and what’s going to become…

I celebrate the future!

Love Melissa x

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