While experiencing COVID-19 your spiritual practice may go out the window and you can feel disconnected from yourself and life force energy.

Even the thought of meditating or journalling can be too much of an effort!

You may start to wonder if you’re ever going to rise above it?

Some are even experiencing feelings of self doubt.

When I had the virus I personally experienced spiritual disconnection and self doubt and I now feel called to share the mindset shift and womb practice that helped me move through it and reconnect.

Note: I write this to potentially inspire spiritually. This isn’t medical advice and if you have any physical and/or mental concerns then please contact your GP or nearest hospital.



Don’t try to fight it with denial and go against what your body is feeling.

This will make it worse.

Surrender… no matter how weird and intense the experience may be.

Accept that you have caught it and trust that you will ascend on out of it. When? Who knows.

Let any expectations of time go.


Get support

Ask and/or hire help and support for anything that is going to make it easier for you.

It’s not a weakness to do so.

It’s also not a badge of honour if you’re someone that doesn’t accept help and support!


Mindset shift

Think about the virus as a descent into the underworld; Mother Earth’s womb.

A place of darkness where the door to the light is shut.

Sit and face the self doubt if you’re experiencing any.

What you can feel is what you can heal.

Once you start to ascend; the darkness will meet the light.

You then experience a rebirth! Growth! Transformation!



Womb Practice

I’m going to share with you a Celtic womb practice known as womb anchoring that helps you to open up to life force energy.

This energy naturally flows through our bodies however it becomes blocked from the virus (and other experiences in life) creating the disconnection from ourselves and our spirituality.

This practice requires little effort and you can do it for a short time or a long time; all whilst laying in the comfort of your bed!

  • Take some deep breaths into your heart, womb and pelvic floor.
  • Begin to see/think/feel bright golden light and breathe it deep down into your womb space. Your womb begins to shine like the sun!
  • The above can be a practice in itself!
  • A ray of golden light begins to descend down through your womb, yoni and all the way into the centre of the earth, Mother Earth’s heart womb. Receive her sustenance and energy through the ray.
  • The ray then travels back up through your yoni, womb and into your heart space. Feel your womb and heart connected together by this ray of light. 
  • The ray then travels up through your head crown and into the cosmic womb, the black void in the universe. Connect and feel the energy and sustenance infusing you through the ray.
  • Repeat the practice for a long as you need.
  • If you don’t feel anything… trust you are practicing something spiritual for yourself, womb and soul.

This is a forever practice too! (I guide womben more deeply into this practice in my 1:1 womb awakening sessions). 


The ascent

As you start to ascend from the darkness and back into light for some it’s a slow spiral journey.

Be grateful for the moments of clarity, self belief and physical energy that you feel during the ascent.

Then if you descend again… accept, surrender and trust… and remember the womb anchoring practice.

Again! I write this to potentially inspire spiritually. This isn’t medical advice and if you have any physical and/or mental concerns then please contact your GP or nearest hospital.

Once you feel up to it… I would love to hear from you! Please comment on this journal post and let me know how your virus spiral journey has been for you.

xo Melissa

p.s. If you ever feel called to deepen the journey of coming back home to you, your femininity and awakening the power and wisdom of your womb; then you can find more out about womb awakening by clicking below.

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