Your belly button energetically is known as the navel chakra. We seem to only focus on the role of the belly button when a baby is inside the mother’s womb.

However you’re belly button still holds power today…


But How?

I invite you to feel into the past essence of your own belly button when it would of had an umbilical cord and was connected to your placenta inside of your mothers womb.

For those that might get triggered with mother wounds here… I’m not talking about the essence of your mother but the essence of your belly button.

The essence would of been 100% receptive; allowing whatever needed to flow through to you that would bring you life! 

You would of felt in flow, unconditional love, nurtured, nourished, creative and in your natural state of being!

One with creative life force energy. 

These are all feminine traits.

So if you ever feel like you’re consistently in masculine overdrive and always doing, doing, doing and not taking a break…

Take a moment to give yourself a belly button energy healing and activate the essence of your belly button. 

The more you activate your belly button chakra the more in balance both your masculine and feminine energy can potentially become. 

The Practice

    • Just simply bring your fingers together and place both your hands on top of each other and over your belly button
    • Breathe deeply into your belly button and hands
    • Imagine, feel, see or sense golden light start to flow into your belly button
    • You might start to feel either warmth, tingles or vibrations in your hands and belly button
    • Allow the golden light and the essence of your belly button feminine energy to flow down into your womb and spread out into every cell in your body 
    • Feel yourself ‘be’ instead of ‘do’

    And also not forgetting how deeply feminine the womb is!

    If you would like to experience womb work; I hold regular ceremonies, shamanic journeys, retreats, workshops and 1:1 sessions which you can check out via the link below.

    Welcome! I’m Melissa Ayling and I’m a mother of two, womb shamaness, higher self guide and retreat hostess.

    I have been facilitating womb work and feminine mystery immersions for over 8 years.

    I guide women through rebuilding a safe, loving and sovereign relationship with their womb which initiates an awakening to their womb’s wisdom, feminine gifts and soul connection.

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