Have you ever used affirmations before? If you haven’t… you’re actually saying affirmations to yourself all day long. They are your thoughts. However a lot of the time thoughts can be negative.

This is when positive affirmations can play an important role in your life. 

The power of positive affirmations is that you’re consciously choosing what you’re saying to yourself. They can be very uplifting and have the power to change your thinking pattern, create new beliefs, promote positive feelings and change your reality.

The other day I shared some affirmations in my blog to help with sleep and a client emailed me telling me that affirmations don’t seem to work for her no matter how much she repeats them to herself and they even make her feel worse!

I felt called to share why this can be and a journal practice you can do to help if this is you too. 

Why they don’t work


Positive affirmations are directed to your conscious mind and with repetition they make an imprint within your subconscious mind helping to change your belief system and reality.

However sometimes you can have a deeply ingrained negative belief about something within your subconscious and no matter how many times you use the affirmations to change the pathway… it doesn’t make an imprint.

Your subconscious is also doing everything it can to keep your negative belief your truth to the point that it’ll make you feel worse utilising affirmations… hence my client. 

But there is way you can make them work for you!

 Journalling Practice

If affirmations don’t work for you then maybe you’re spiritually bypassing. You can see this as an invite to do more inner work around what you’re trying to change.

Journalling is a powerful tool for this.

Here’s some journal prompts you can do to explore the affirmation that’s not working and help align yourself to it:

Why don’t you believe it?

How can you begin to believe it? 

What’s your next step to make the affirmation true for you? 

How would believing this affirmation change your life?

You don’t have to journal either. You just ask your self or your inner voice these questions.



You might even like to try ‘afformations’.

E.g. Instead of the affirmation ‘ I am forgiving’ ask yourself ‘Why am I so forgiving?’ and list your reasons.


  Extra tip

The late Louise Hay (author of ‘You can heal your life’) recommends we say the affirmation “I am enough” to ourselves 400 times a day so it can actually make an imprint into the subconscious.

So once you have done your journal practice around your affirmation perhaps you might like to say the affirmation to yourself a 400 times a day!

Mother Nature

Honestly, sometimes I believe you just need to give affirmations the flick and go out into mother nature instead.

She’s grounding, realigns your energy and changes your mindset a lot quicker than affirmations can!

If you’ve been having difficulty with affirmations too then I hope this blog post helps in any way possible. 

Please feel free to comment on it with any feedback or questions whatsoever. 

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