Womb Awakening Online Course

with Melissa Ayling

 Discover the first steps to womb awakening…

Journey beyond your mind and connect to your

feminine voice that resides within your womb!

Do you ever…

  • Feel disconnected from your womb?
  • Lack authentic expression?
  • Doubt your intuition and choices?
  • Seek external validation?
  • Lack self-love, self-worth and belief in yourself?

Yes? Then let’s explore this more as I have an online course for you!

Melissa x

About the feminine voice:
Your womb is the connection to your femininity and soul.

She is the doorway to healing, getting to know yourself and awakening.

However;  patriarchal conditioning and unwanted life experiences can disconnect you from your womb and her potential.

Your choices in life can be dictated by the voices of the external world.

Your feminine voice (aka inner voice) resides beyond your mind and within your womb.

She gives clarity and guidance in any aspects of life.

When you connect to your feminine voice you access the wisest, honest and intelligent part of you; your feminine soul!

Connecting to your womb and feminine voice are the first steps to awakening your womb.


 What you’ll experience:

I invite you to this course where you’ll discover the knowledge and tools to go beyond your mind, connect to your womb & feminine voice and align with your true self.

This practice is a reclamation of your sovereignty, femininity and authenticity.

Day one

  • How I discovered my feminine voice.
  • What is the feminine voice?
  • Experience a mindset shift surrounding any issues with your womb and/or life.

Day two

  • What to expect when connecting with your feminine voice.
  • Release stuck energy/emotions and express yourself.
  • Bonus tips to deepen the connection with your feminine voice.

Day three


  • Journey into your womb space.
  • Connect with your feminine voice and receive clarity and guidance.
  • Start a new path in life.

 About me:

Welcome! I’m Melissa Ayling and I’m a inner voice guide, womb shamaness, energy healer, retreat hostess and mother of two.

I heard my feminine voice during the birth of my second baby. It guided me all through my labour and as I gave birth in my car!

At first, I thought it was my intuition while giving birth however I later realised that she’s always there and resides within my womb.

I continue to listen and be guided by my feminine voice today together with my womb awakening journey. 

I share this knowledge and wisdom to support you, the ebbs and flow of life, love, humanity, and mother earth.

Melissa held beautiful space throughout the session. What a gift to deep dive into the inner voice for so long and be held in that space without the need to come up for air (back up to the level of the mind). Her questions helped me access so much wisdom that I don’t feel I could have achieved on my own. ~ Emmalee Styles, Melbourne Victoria
Emmalee Styles - Melbourne, Victoria

This was my first experience tapping into my inner voice and I had no idea what to expect initially.  Melissa was able to completely put me at ease from the very start of our session. I went through a roller coaster of emotions through connecting with my inner voice but Melissa made me feel completely safe, comfortable, and guided the whole time.

I feel lighter and I was able to release some emotional blocks and connect with myself in a way I never have before. I am so grateful for the supportive space Melissa held for me and the clarity and ease I feel since our session together

Christine Hogan- Melbourne, Victoria

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