A Shamanic Womb Journey

Release, Reset & Reconnect

Do you ever experience any of the following…

  • Lacking creativity, feeling indecisive and uncertain about your purpose in life.
  • Overwhelmed and going in circles without making progress.
  • Crave release, reset and reconnection as you navigate different roles and life phases.
  • Issues with your womb and want complementary support to see it in a new light.
  • Called to experience something out of the ordinary that tantalises your soul.
  • Want to take a break from the online world and be surrounded by an awesome group of women.
  • Tired of living in a man’s world and want to connect with your feminine spirit.

If any of this resonates with you, please know that you’re not alone.

I’ve been in that place myself!

As women in a new era, we have an abundance of opportunities in life, but sometimes it may feel like we’re stuck because of past conditioning and limiting beliefs.

Self-doubt, lack of confidence, societal expectations, gender stereotypes, fear of failure or judgment – these are all examples of limiting beliefs and past conditioning that can hold us back.

But guess what? I have something that can provide great support!

A Shamanic Womb Journey!

Can you imagine the freedom of letting go of what’s been holding you back in life?

It would be absolutely liberating!

During our time together, through a shamanic womb journey, you’ll release limiting beliefs, shed past conditionings and reconnect to yourself on a deeper level, so you can feel reset, self-acceptance and a sense of purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why My Womb?

Your womb is not just a physical organ but a sacred space within you. It is a portal to your feminine essence, holding the key to your femininity.

By consciously connecting with your womb through a shamanic journey, you potentially awaken your feminine qualities then can help you through your challenges.

Feminine qualities include your creativity, flow, authenticity, vulnerability, truth-telling, receptivity, intuition and simply being, are just a few examples.

It is a journey that can help you cleanse your mind, body, womb & soul and rediscover your innate potential.

What if I No Longer Have a Womb?

This workshop is still for you as the energy of your womb still exists!

As its energy that created your womb and energy can’t be destroyed.

You’ll be working with your womb energy – no physical womb needed.

What's a Shamanic Journey?

A Shamanic Journey is an exploration of the depths of your consciousness, much like a guided meditation.

It is a sacred experience where the rhythmic beat of a drum leads you into a realm beyond everyday reality, allowing you to tap into the wisdom that resides within you and the spiritual realm.

During this journey, you have the opportunity to access hidden treasures of healing, insight, guidance and awakening, all in alignment with your heartfelt intentions.


  • Shamanic womb journey
  • Release, reset & reconnection
  • Share circle with like-hearted women
  • Light refreshments


  • Inclusive of all women and in any phase of life
  • Don’t identify as a woman but have a womb
  • Pregnant
  • Have a physical womb or not


Sunday 15th October

10am – 1pm


165 Durlacher St



Are you ready to say YES to you?

Limited spaces available

Strictly no refunds however is transferrable to someone else and only for this event. By purchasing you’re agreeing to this T & C.

 About Melissa:

Hello! I’m Melissa Ayling and I’m a Shamanic Womb Practitioner, Retreat Hostess and proud Mother. I have been facilitating women’s work for over 8 years.

I gently guide women to consciously connect with their womb, awakening their feminine qualities and addressing the root cause of their challenges. I offer a range of tools to help navigate these challenges.

I also utilise shamanic practices to help women energetically cleanse their mind, body, womb and soul, allowing for release, reset and reconnection.

I offer Shamanic Womb Healing 1:1 sessions, ceremonies, workshops and women’s retreats.

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