Hypnobirthing Classes & Midwifery

When I explain that I am a Hypnobirthing Australia™ practitioner to someone who asks what I do, the same question occasionally follows, “So, are you a midwife?” And when I explain that I am not, I am  met with some confusion. I recently became certified as a birth doula and a postnatal doula too. This has, in turn, introduced yet another question, “Do you think you’ll become a midwife someday?”

I have even had someone ask me if I had considered becoming a nurse or midwife as a way of gaining respect from those working in the more formal part of the field! I think it is really truly time for our society to awaken to what has been discovered about the birth process in the 21st century.


Hypnobirthing Truly Stands on Its Own

I do not need a midwifery degree to teach child birthing education and the tools for a positive birth experience.

The Hypnobirthing Australia™ Program (of which I am a certified practitioner) is evidence-based and comes highly recommended by obstetricians, hospitals, midwives, health and childbirth professionals nationally.

If you want to understand why this is the case – here’s a fantastic read.

I do not teach birth as a medical event. I do not use medical language or offer medical advice.


I teach childbirth as a normal physiological function of the body because that is what it is! It is a natural process.


In my work with my clients, I pass on the knowledge and tools that have been passed on by hundreds of generations of mothers.

In my classes, the mother and her birth partner discover tools that enable them to stay calm and to prepare for whatever path their birth journey takes.

My classes are not hospital antenatal classes that are often required to cover the policies and protocols of a specific establishment. Instead, I help women and their partners navigate such systems and provide them with the tools to make informed individualised decisions.

Right alongside what I teach, women continue to access the medical support as they need. The fact is we are birthing at the best of times – with access to knowledgeable and gifted medical professionals. The birthing process does not need to be feared and it should definitely not be viewed as a terrifying experience. We are in a very good place!


Campaigning for Midwives & Midwifery

I have always been in awe of midwives and I have so much respect for the role they play in the medical system. I recently gave birth and I too sought the benefits of having my own midwife.

In fact, I have actively campaigned for continuity of midwifery-led care in my hometown with the campaign making its way into The Geraldton Guardian in an article titled “Mum leads midwife push”.

I also recently enrolled in a consumer representative course to gain insight into how I can lobby all of the above properly; influencing and changing the face of maternity care here in Geraldton, the State and even nationally.

If I was a midwife, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without a conflict of interest getting in the way… and I really believe someone has to do this. So why not me, the hypnobirthing practitioner?!

And so, going back to my original point – I don’t want to do vaginal examinations. I don’t want to receive babies, I don’t want to be assisting in any medical interventions. No matter how needed (or unneeded in some instances), I’m also not designed to work for a medical establishment.

Birth is a rite of passage and after my first birthing experience, it just came to me that I need to do this! This is my pre-destined contract and calling.


A Personal Promise

As a Hypnobirthing Australia™ practitioner, I provide you with high-quality childbirth education classes that are vital to a positive birth experience. As a doula, I provide you with emotional and physical support, never leaving your side and working solely for you and your partner. As a post-natal doula, I ensure that your only job is to enjoy the miracle that is motherhood.

At the heart of it all, I work and serve only one person – the mother.

Never have I felt so passionate about something in my life.


My name is Melissa Ayling and I am a Hypnobirthing Australia™ practitioner, birth doula and post-natal doula. Over the years, I have enjoyed sharing this wonderful program with many women and their partners from Geraldton and rural Western Australia. If hypnobirthing is something you have been thinking about, please feel free to take a wander around my website. In it, you will find lots of information and birth stories that inspire. And please don’t think twice about reaching out. I’d be honoured to be a part of your journey.