A common question I get from expecting mothers is how they might benefit from an in-person hypnobirthing class as compared to, for example, reading a recommended hypnobirthing book.

I have to lead my response with the fact that every woman’s journey is unique.

Some people learn best by reading and can benefit greatly from simply reading a book. Books are cheaply bought and delivered to your door. You can even borrow one from a friend – sitting down whenever you like and taking it in.

But in my 3+ years as a Hypnobirthing practitioner, I have met so many women who chose to learn hypnobirthing techniques by reading a book, only to feel like they failed when their birth experience didn’t measure up. Sadly, books don’t present the chance for positive reflection and a debrief. Nor are they able to tell you that ‘No, you definitely did not fail!’

Sometimes you just get what you pay for.

Geraldton Hypnobirthing Classes

Don’t get me wrong – I am not talking books down at all. In fact, I personally used a hypnobirthing book in preparation for my first birth.

Having said that, there was no way that I would have had the positive birth experience that I did with my second child, giving birth in my car, without the knowledge that Hypnobirthing Australia™ passed on.

Reading the book, I remember realising that it coincided with classes. I was forever Googling ‘hypnobirthing classes in Geraldton’ but at the time, none existed.

I have since brought the actual in-person classes to Geraldton because there is clearly a need for them! I now share my own experience and the experience of other mothers who rely only on the book.


Why I Am an Advocate for In-Person Classes


Classes Offer Expectant Mothers the Opportunity to Ask Questions That Are Unique to Them

Having read about hypnobirthing, most women will come away with even more questions needing to be answered. I mean, this is pregnancy and birth we’re talking about, right?

Unfortunately, with books – this is not always an option. Every book is identical and stays the same for the millions of women reading it. I think it is so important for women to feel heard and to be able to make choices based on information that is personalised to their journey. This is exactly what my classes offer – responses to questions asked before, during and after class; personalised to suit each mother.


Classes Bring Positivity and Passion into Your Days

With Hypnobirthing classes, there is a huge exchange of energy from someone so positive and passionate about birth (me!) and all the other like-minded women in the room with you. This gives a mother and her birth partner a lot of reassurance and motivation.


Classes Help Birth Partners Better Understand and Get Involved in Your Journey

In today’s world, the one person women rely on a lot throughout their pregnancy and birth is their birth partners. The thing is, getting your partner to read a hypnobirthing book is definitely possible but not probable! Despite all the good intentions, it is likely that the book will end up in a corner somewhere, mostly unread because life happens.


What to Expect from My Hypnobirthing Australia™ Classes

Geraldton WA Hypnobirthing Classes

In just 12 hours of Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes, you and your birth partner will walk away with confidence and the knowledge needed to have a more comfortable and positive experience. Your partner will learn exactly how to be involved in the birth and to better support and comfort you. They will be able to create an environment that is conducive to the birth that you want; learning  how to advocate on your behalf if need be.

I offer my clients ongoing support, the encouragement to keep on believing in yourself, to remain positive and to practice the tools and techniques that I teach you. Some women find it hard to practice their tools – life gets busy, and pregnancy can be tiring. This is where I step in to help them weave their Hypnobirthing techniques practise into busy daily lives.

The Hypnobirthing Australia™ program is specifically designed for the Australian maternity system. Mothers walk away with the confidence to ask questions and gain decision-making tools for throughout pregnancy and childbirth.

I believe that I would be setting my clients up for disappointment if they didn’t learn how to navigate our medical system. The program uses the latest scientific research and evidence-based information. Not only will you learn how to say no to unnecessary interventions, but you will also learn to embrace any medical interventions that are truly needed.

When attending group classes, you will be surrounded by other like-minded mothers – an incredibly supportive and uplifting experience that reinforces the message that you are not in this alone. Women are such social creatures and there was once a time when being social was the only way we learnt about birth. We used to be present at births of friends and family. The more birth videos I show and the more stories I tell, mothers start to feel that this is the closest way to truly experience the profoundness that is life.

Birth is feminine, and I see books as being masculine. For this reason, they are not always the most conducive way to approach birth.

My name is Melissa Ayling and I am a Hypnobirthing Australia™ practitioner, birth doula, post-natal doula and mother blessing facilitator. Join me at my next Hypnobirthing class if you feel called to. I would love the opportunity to meet you.