Welcome to the Pregnancy Wellness Retreat!

The perfect opportunity to rest, indulge and nurture yourself. Switch off and give yourself a break. It’s time to escape to a day that you never thought you could give to yourself.

Imagine this…

… Being surrounded by a lush tropical oasis and feminine energy.

Flowers, candles, nourishing food, women together, supporting one another.

Imagine being guided through sacred rituals and practices to support the pregnant mind, body and soul.

Gentle and fluid movement. Feeling whole, healthy and powerful. Curious minds being fed with just enough soul food…

Imagine being held in sacred space, led through beauty-filled and meaningful moments to celebrate you, and your growing baby.

During your pregnancy, have you ever . . .

  • Struggled to relax and focus on yourself?
  • Beat yourself up for being ‘lazy’?
  • Felt guilty about the stress you carry?
  • Felt mentally and/or physically drained?
  • Felt alone or disconnected?
  • Yearned for another way to experience this miraculous process

Would you love to:

  • Connect to yourself, your baby and body and be present? Just BE?
  • Do something fun and out of the ordinary to tantalise your senses?
  • Relax, rest, recharge, reset?
  • Embrace the ebbs and flows?
  • Learn tools, techniques and rituals for your motherhood journey?
  • Celebrate with sister women and honour your transition?


Then put yourself first and gift yourself this whole day to focus on you before your baby arrives. You are worth it, you do deserve this.

Leave feeling:

  • Relaxed and connected to yourself & baby
  • Inspired with meaningful moments
  • The pulse of a slower rhythm
  • A deep knowing that you do matter
  • Well nourished form beautiful, delicious food
  • Part of a community

The Pregnancy Wellness Retreat is the next level in self-care. Care that you don’t have to do your-‘self’.

Let us nurture you.

Melissa & Co x

Pregnancy Wellness Retreat

 A day of self-care, nurturing and connection

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Whats Included:

  • Welcome cold pressed green juice
  • Self-awareness workshop
  • Embodied movement
  • Fear release ceremony
  • Pregnancy yoga and movement
  • Nourishing, healthy and delicious lunch (dietary options available)
  • Pregnancy meditation
  • Birth art
  • Raw cake
  • Pregnancy herbal teas
  • Group Mother blessing ceremony
  • Take home gift

Priceless rest, restoration, preparation, growth and nourishment


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Take the next step and invest in yourself! You deserve it.

Your Price: $255.00 (Total value: $695.00)

Limited Availability.

   * Bookings are non-refundable if there is a change of mind however can be transferred to another mama.

I recently attended the retreat with Mel and Cath and I really can’t describe the magical weekend that I had. I felt so nourished and nurtured, the space was held so beautifully, both Mel and Cath are amazing facilitators. It was so great to connect with other mums and have empowering conversations about birth and motherhood, the venue was so tranquil and peaceful, the food was fantastic, the whole day was just what I needed to fill up my cup and really drop into my pregnancy journey. I left feeling held, supported, loved, relaxed, nourished and nurtured. This is my second pregnancy and I loved honouring myself and bubba in this way. I highly recommend and a must do during your pregnancy journey. Again thank you Mel and Cath for the amazing offering you have bought to our community.
Kristy Horner

About Me:

Hi there! I am a mother of two, retreat facilitator, Hypnobirthing Australia™ Childbirth Educator and Womb Awakening Practitioner.

I found both of my pregnancies to be challenging however it was also a time for self-exploration. I discovered many life lessons that now me to understand, support and honour other expecting women.

I believe that contemporary maternity care tends to only focus on the medical aspects. This transition into motherhood is a time when the whole woman needs to be the priority.

I have created a retreat that gives women the space to prioritise themselves. A chance to refill their cup, reflect and reconnect with themselves. What a gift to themselves, their growing baby and humanity!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many weeks do I have to be to attend?

You can come at anytime in your pregnancy. There is no wrong or right.

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

Of course. Just let me know what they are! We normally serve a mixture of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food.

When is the next retreat?

I have them approximately every four months and during the months of March, July and November each year.

I am new to yoga and meditation, is this OK?

Yes! You will be expertly guided through all activites at the retreat. No prior experience necassary. Pregnancy is the perfect opportunity to try something different, a practice of working with the unknown or unfamiliar (just as labour, birthing and parenting are new experiences) If you havr any concerns you’d like us to know about, please email me beforehand.


What is a Mother Blessing?

A mother blessing honours the mother-in-making, acknowledging her journey and gifting strength and love as she embarks of growing, birthing and meeting her baby. An alternative to the baby shower, the Mother Blessing focuses on the mother and her internal and external resources, rather than the gifting of things for the baby. 

Ready to say YES to yourself?


You deserve it!

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