Inner Voice Sessions

with Melissa Ayling, Geraldton

Connect with the most wise and loyal part of you, your inner voice. Follow it’s guidance and start living an aligned, authentic and soul enriching life. The magic awaits!

What is the inner voice?

Everyone has an inner voice.

It is the most calm, gentle and wise part of you.

However; the choices that you make and your life experiences are conditioned by your external world which therefore block out your inner voice.

This mind-centred approach to life can cause you to no longer trust yourself, be confused with who you truly are and take life too seriously.

When you go beyond the mind and receive guidance from the inner voice; you realign your life and reconnect with your true nature and sovereignty.

You are after all here to have fun and live life from a soul level!


Melissa held beautiful space throughout the session. What a gift to deep dive into the inner voice for so long and be held in that space without the need to come up for air (back up to the level of the mind). Her questions helped me access so much wisdom that I don’t feel I could have achieved on my own. Thank you so much xxx
Emmalee Styles, Melbourne, Victoria

 What you will experience in inner voice sessions:

You will be safely guided to go beyond your mind, drop into your body and establish a connection with your inner voice.

Whether you are new to listening to your inner voice or have a deep connection, you will discover what your inner voice wants you to know in the present moment.

You can experience these sessions throughout any phase in your life. From business to burnout from pregnancy to motherhood from play to purpose.


  • Receive answers, wisdom and insight to your mind’s questions
  • Align with your truth and your soul
  • Release old stories and emotional blocks
  • Have fun, laugh and love
  • Rise above any stress, overwhelm or loneliness
  • Enter a state of high vibrational bliss
  • Experience magic unfolding
  • Deepen your connection to your inner voice
  • Discover a skill for life
  • Service humanity with your authenticity
This was my first experience tapping into my inner voice and I had no idea what to expect initially.  Melissa was able to completely put me at ease from the very start of our session. I went through a roller coaster of emotions through connecting with my inner voice but Melissa made me feel completely safe, comfortable and guided the whole time. I feel lighter and I was able to release some emotional beanbags and connect with myself in a way I never have before. I am so grateful for the supportive space Melissa held for me and the clarity and ease I feel since our session together. Thank you for taking your time, I think the time was just the right amount to really drop in and dig into a few topics! I’m so grateful for our session.
Christine Hogan, Melbourne, Victoria

I really loved my journey with Melissa. At the start when I was nervous, she guided me through a block. I felt really supported & as she did, it created that safety for me to come into the space. I loved her tone of voice & how beautiful she guided me. She was very attentive & I felt that she could recognise when my mind started to try take over. My mind is very good at taking the rains, so to really connect with my inner voice like that was amazing. I would definitely do another inner session with Mel. And I just really want to say thank you so much for walking by my side in that journey.
Kristy Horner, Geraldton, Western Australia

Your Inner Voice Options


Let’s give your mind a break and go within to answer your life’s questions.

Each session is recorded and I will email it to you after


Via Zoom/Skype (Most popular option)


The comfort of a sacred space within my home

Perfect for you if are:

  • Ready to service humanity with authenticity
  • Anyone including pregnancy
  • Any gender


Please contact me for availability. I take on a limited number of inner voice sessions each week.


$199 for 2 hours

Pre-payment is required to secure your booking. I require 24 hours cancellation notice.


Ask your inner voice if you are ready for a session! If yes? Contact me below and let the magic begin.

My name is Melissa Ayling and I am a certified inner voice facilitator. I am also a Hypnobirthing Australia™ practitioner, retreat hostess, reiki & intuitive healer and womb awakening apprentice.

I first heard my inner voice throughout the birth of my second baby. It guided me all the way though to birthing in my car! I now follow my inner voice through any aspect of life including challenges.

Following my inner voice has led me to a transformational life journey. I now share the true gift of helping others to be guided by their inner voice and living a more fun, peaceful and authentic life.