All Image Credit: Natasha Gilmartin-James from Arctic Moon Photography

We had the most incredible second birth experience. I honestly feel like I owe so much of that to Melissa and her outlook and how she passed that to me. Hypnobirthing is incredible and I’m so grateful that two years on this has been my next birth experience.

In the few weeks leading up to it I was starting to get contractions here and there. I didn’t worry once and just told myself that my baby and body are in total control and when it’s the right time it will happen.

A few days before I lost a bit of my mucus plug and I was so excited. I had no fears about it all and I’m in awe of that alone.

Then I woke up to my waters breaking Thursday morning at 2.30am. I called maternity and let them know we would head up shortly once my mum came in for our 2 year old. I Messaged Natasha our birth photographer from ‘Arctic Moon Photography’ and then I just walked around the house slowly packing for Josh and I- I even made him a tea!  Mum came in and we got to the hospital around 4am and I was having contractions and just breathing through them.

I had to laugh. I counted a few contractions on the way to the hospital from Wandina and told Josh to remember that as a rough guess at how often they were coming. We got out the car and he said ‘I better put on my sneakers so I am comfy just in case I am standing for a while’ Haha!!! I was like ‘No worries..quickly though please’ and he just said ‘They are just going to tell us to go home anyway’ but I knew with what I was feeling we would be staying until Baby was born.

We were checked out and monitored for a while and they did say that we could go home and come back when things progressed a little more. With each contraction (surge) I was just closing my eyes and focusing on my breathing and then talking again once they passed.

Then one of the midwives asked how I would rate the pain and I said it was was getting a bit more intense. She said something along the lines of ‘We will check to make sure you’re not further then we think because sometimes people who hypnobirth can trick them being quiet and calm!’

Which turned out being good that they checked as I was 5cm! Which meant we were staying.

We got moved to the birthing suite and we put on essential oils and music and put up my bunting.

Another midwife offered me a range of essential oils and laughed when I said I brought my own.

And Natasha our birth photographer arrived not long after.

Josh was amazing and was helping by holding me/pressure points and putting pressure on my lower back during each contraction. All these things helped a lot and I didn’t have to ask for him to do it at all because he remembered it all from last time which was amazing.

It all happened quite quickly. I had to be monitored every time I had a contraction as the baby’s heart rate wasn’t reading as well. The midwife was great and suggested kneeling on the bed with my head over the top of the bed and after a few more contractions it all just progressed and I just needed to push.

I think the only time I asked someone to move quicker was when I was trying to feel for the baby but had the disposable undies on still but I knew the head was there!

Josh got to catch our baby and it was all natural and I didn’t tear like I did last time either to my surprise.

Our Dr was actually in the hospital and walked in about 2 minutes after our SON was born!

I don’t think anyone could believe how quickly it all happened.

Oliver Stephen Regan
7pound 4oz/50cm/8.35am

I loved Hudson’s birth but this one was incredible just purely following my bodies lead.

You can read the beautiful hypnobirth story of Hudson here.

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***All Image credit goes to Natasha Gilmartin from Arctic Moon Photography. The amazing Natasha can be contacted here.***