Six Night Pregnancy & Hypnobirthing Retreat for Mothers and Partners at Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Resort, Bali

The next level of self-care as you positively prepare for birth

9th March – 15th March 2020

Pretty soon your little one will be out of your womb and inside your arms.

There is something absolutely vital about taking time out in your pregnancy to relax and enjoy one last intimate getaway with your partner before baby arrives.

So often, we don’t make space for ourselves because we feel consumed by all the obligations and expectations that we, and others, place on us.

I’ve been there. And that’s why I’ve carefully crafted this babymoon to take care of pregnant mums and birth partners above and beyond anything they could imagine for themselves.

The Hypnobirthing Australia™ Bali Babymoon is designed to take care of expecting mothers and their birth partners on every level. This is a time for connection, to focus on your whole wellbeing and to experience deep relaxation as you prepare your body and mind for a positive birth experience.


…soaking up the tropical sun as you look out over Bali’s majestic volcanoes and gently swaying rice fields. A place where the only sounds you hear are bird songs on the breeze and the beat of your own true heart. At the beach, the rolling waves remind you of your own watery womb that is so perfectly creating new life within you.

Here, you dance with your baby during fluid, prenatal yoga classes in an open-air sanctuary with views of the Indian Ocean. Your confidence and knowledge surrounding birth expands during Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes and you both release any worries, fears, or tension. You honour your baby and your pregnancy during sacred ceremonies and daily rituals.

Each retreat welcomes an intimate group, in a normal pregnancy, to indulge in the oasis of Eastern Bali.

Far from the bustle of tourists in Ubud and from the worries of life, here you will be able to fill your cup and drink in the deliciousness of positive vibes.

For once, let yourself be on the receiving end. Enjoy a retreat created just for you and your birth partner in a place where you can get ready to embrace all the changes that lie ahead.

“We do not fear the waves when we know we are the ocean. Just like the ocean, women are powerful and strong enough to endure the tide.”

– Melissa Ayling

About Hypnobirthing Australia™


Hypnobirthing Australia™ is a modern, practical childbirth education program that teaches a positive and self-empowered approach to labour and birth.

Thanks to state-of-the-art knowledge, support, tools, and techniques, hypnobirthing teaches mums-to-be how to maintain a positive mindset, how to relax and prepare their mind and body for birth, and everything else they need to know to have a calm and empowered birth experience.

The program also shows the partners how to support the mum every step of the way.


During your pregnancy, have you ever . . .


Felt quality time with your partner has been lacking and wondered when you’ll have a holiday again, just the two of you?

Felt guilty about the stress you carry and worried that it is affecting your baby?

Struggled to relax and focus on yourself?

Worried that you aren’t “doing” enough to prepare for birth?

Felt mentally and physically drained because work and/or mothering young children have become ground hog day?

Felt unhealthy and lacked the energy to exercise?

Beat yourself up for being “lazy” because you’re just so tired and want to rest?

Disheartened that your transition into motherhood has not been made a priority or even celebrated?

Felt alone or disconnected, like there is limited support or few like-minded women in your life?

Do you want . . .

A nap after lunch without feeling guilty?

To be surrounded by natural beauty?

To connect to yourself and feel present?

A break away from house work?

Meaningful moments with like-minded people?

To relax and rest?

More positivity of thoughts and a renewed mindset?

Space to listen to your heart and to tune into your baby?

Feel grounded and centred before this transition?

More intimacy and connection with your partner?

Something fun and out of the ordinary to tantalise your senses?

Time to positively prepare for the birth of your baby?


. . .  then six-nights on a Hypnobirthing Australia™ Bali Babymoon is the perfect retreat for you!

Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Resort

9th March – 15th March 2020


For availability and bookings please email: [email protected]

For Partners

The Bali Babymoon is not entirely a women’s retreat. It’s a hypnobirthing retreat for couples—a once in a lifetime holiday just for the two of you!

But since everything is different when you’re expecting, it can be hard to plan a holiday that fits both your and your partner’s needs. Partners may want to go off and do things that the mum can’t, and then sometimes mum gets resentful about that! Not here.

The Bali Babymoon is for both of you. There are plenty of ways for you to have fun together or on your own, as you ready yourselves for the new adventure that lies ahead.

Your partner is your rock and support, entrusted with creating a safe and beautiful birthing environment to help you labour comfortably; therefore, it is just as vital that partners feel fully relaxed and confident as the pregnant mum.

They have an important role to play and their life is about to change just as much as yours. The Bali Babymoon gives them an escape from their day-to-day, so they can fully enjoy themselves (perhaps surfing some of the best waves in the world at Keramas Beach?) and leave feeling equally refreshed with you.

So if you’re worried about the retreat being too feminine or “woo-woo” for your partner. Don’t be. There’s plenty to do whether they’re seeking thrills or quiet spaces. They can join in the majority of workshops, and both of you will learn lots of practical “tricks of the trade” to support the pregnancy and birth.

Please note:
If your partner can’t make it then this can be a very special time for a friend/family member to join you or even travel solo!

About Eastern Bali

Exotic black sand beaches, ancient temples, and staggering mountain views rising up from lush green jungle are only the beginning. Breathtaking views meet you at every bend and there is truly only one word to best describe the people and this place: magical.

I’ve chosen East Bali with pregnant mamas in mind.

Bali is conveniently located 2 hours from Port Hedland, 2.45 hours from Darwin, and 3.45 hours from Perth, which makes it a quick and easy escape!

I also chose Bali because it is a culture that emphasises community. They understand our natural need as humans to thrive within groups. They celebrate parents-to-be and mothers with beautiful rituals and ceremonies that honour life, and these will help you feel grounded and centred moving into this next life transition.

Here you will be far from the pollution and hustle of the popular, tourist-driven cities. The pace of life is gentler and quieter, and the community more traditional, which means you will discover a truly authentic Balinese connection. You’ll find the Balinese people are eager to spoil pregnant woman, always smiling at you and telling you to relax, rest, and enjoy yourself.

Because pregnancy comes with so many physical changes that can cause discomfort on the body, East Bali is a perfect spot because the cool sea breezes take the edge off the tropical heat, and the flat terrain makes for easy walking.


At Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat you will be nestled in between the rice fields and treated to dramatic views of the Indian Ocean and majestic volcanoes. Floating Leaf boasts two award-winning spas, luxurious rooms, a 2000 square foot open-air yoga studio, large healing pool with waterfalls and meditation areas, and numerous peaceful lounge spaces all designed for unparalleled comfort. 

Gourmet, organic meals are prepared on site, with much of the produce grown in their own permaculture gardens. 

Floating Leaf cultivates a tranquil and high vibration atmosphere based on holistic belief systems that are perfect for helping you fully embrace your pregnancy and sink into well-deserved and deep relaxation. 

As their tagline says: Walk in, float out.

Babymoon Retreat Packages & Inclusions: 

  • 6 nights at the unique Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat
  • Three delicious, healthy and substantial meals per day—all food is organic and farm-to-table fresh
  • The complete Hypnobirthing Australia™ program 
  • Pregnancy Yoga (perfect for partners to join in)
  • 60-minute pregnancy massage. Massage for partner included
  •  ‘The Fourth Trimester’ workshop to help you prepare for what comes after the birth of your child
  • A sacred Mother Blessing Ceremony to honour and uplift (women only)


What else is included…  

  • A welcome drink, refreshing face towel, and foot massage upon arrival
  • Welcome Dinner Event with traditional Balinese dancers and musicians 
  • A guided purification ritual at Tempak Siring Water Temple, the most sacred water spring in Bali
  • Full Moon Ceremony with a Balinese high priest to release limiting beliefs and fears surrounding birth, motherhood and life in general
  • Breathtaking and grounding rice field guided walk
  • Introduction to Balinese culture
  • Art and culture shopping tour
  • Full use of the refreshing healing pool and sun lounges at Floating Leaf
  • Unlimited complimentary filtered drinking water
  • Fresh tropical fruits daily
  • Free high-speed wireless internet
  • Daily housekeeping
  • In-room safe/lock box
  • Farewell Dinner Event
  • Round-trip airport transfers

And of course . . . plenty of soul enriching free time to relax and indulge in as you wish!

You might take a trip to the beach, or enjoy an extra massage offered at the Melati Spa, or go for a walk.

Perhaps you’ll unwind with a good a book or find refreshment in a nap. Lounge by the healing pool or float serenely in its waters.

Practice your hypnobirthing tools and techniques, have a good think about your birth preferences—anything to soak up all the gifts you will be receiving.


What’s not included

  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance


 Prices for the 6 night package start from $2295 AUD per person including taxes. 


Room Type Single Occupancy Couple / Twin Share

Standard Price
Superior Room
King Bed or Twin Beds

$4195 AUD $2995 AUD

*March Only Special Introductory Price
Superior Room
King Bed or Twin Beds

Was $3695
Now $3496!

Was $2495
Now $2295 AUD!


For availability and bookings please email: [email protected]


  • The *March only special introductory price is limited only to the March Retreat
  • Be an early bird  and you will have priority to the superior ‘pool view’ room. Only 5 left!

  • For payment plans- a $200 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your place in the retreat. A further $800 is due 14 days after booking. Then followed by a payment plan that works best for you. Please make sure you email me to make arrangements.


  • Full payment is required by 9th February 2020. This is a non-refundable and non-transferable investment.

Return Home Feeling. . .

  • Connected to yourself and your baby
  • Intimately bonded with your partner 
  • Relaxed and confident about your upcoming birth
  • Self-empowered with knowledge and choices surround birth
  • In harmony with your intuition
  • A deep knowing that you do matter
  • Inspired from meaningful moments spent with like-minded women and couples
  • Grounded from being present in nature 
  • A slower rhythm in your everyday life
  • Feeling healthy from a delicious diet of wholesome, nutritious foods
  • Peaceful, and with a treasure trove of beautiful memories to draw upon

Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Spa and myself will take good care of you . . . just like you take good care, every day, of your growing baby.

It is our wish that you feel comfortable and loved during this ultimate babymoon retreat into the beautiful and magical landscapes of eastern Bali. 

XO, Melissa

Before meeting with Melissa I was quite nervous about giving birth again (to my third baby), particularly the pushing phase. Having spent the time with Melissa I’m now really looking forward to the birth itself and being able to use the hypnobirthing tools I have at my disposal.

I’m far, far more calm and confident about my upcoming birth. I feel like I have a really well equipped toolkit to help me through labour, as well as a good list of things for my birth partner and team to use as well.

Melissa is so passionate yet calm and reaffirming about birth and the miracle that women are! She has a really deep knowledge of the physiology of birth and shares it in such a way as to really help you understand what is going to happen and feel empowered by that understanding.

Having had two babies already I thought I knew most of the physical aspects of birth, but I learned a LOT and it really boosted my confidence.

Thank you Melissa you’re an angel! xxx

Kristin Westlake, Sydney NSW

I recently completed a hypnobirthing course run by Melissa Ayling. It was AMAZING! After an intense and lengthy labour in my first pregnancy I had been dreading birthing my second child. However now I cannot wait! No matter what stage you are in your pregnancy, I would highly recommend her.

Melissa is so passionate in the content she delivers and provides up to date, evidence based information on a natural approach to birth. Her positive approach is contagious. Melissa encourages you to be proactive in your pregnancy and to work with your care providers to ensure your birth can be the best experience it can be!

Jade Peglar (Registered Nurse) Geraldton, WA

After having my first Bub I did not have a good birth experience and ended up having an emergency cesarean. When I fell pregnant again I was trying to decide what way I wanted to go (in relation to my birth) and I was recommended hypnobirthing by a few friends. After speaking to Melissa on the phone I was quite convinced it was what I needed to make up my mind on whether to book in for a planned cesarean or to attempt a VBAC.

Melissa’s hypnobirthing course was amazing! She gave us all the necessary tools to prepare for our next birthing experience. Leaving her sessions I felt very inspired and feel more prepared for a more positive birth this time around.

Without a doubt me and my husband will be recommending hypnobirthing to all of the expectant mothers that we know! Thank you Melissa for all of your support! You are amazing!

Shivna Shah, Geraldton WA

About Melissa:

I’m Melissa Ayling; an award-winning Certified Hypnobirthing Australia™ practitioner, pregnancy retreat leader and birth doula. 

Together with Australia’s most popular childbirth education program, Hypnobirthing Australia™, I help women and their partners to feel relaxed, discover coping skills and prepare themselves for their best birth possible.

I believe no matter what path the birth journey takes—whether hospital, home birth, road side (that’s me!), or caesarean—with the right education and support you will enjoy a positive birth experience.

On a personal level; I enjoy travelling as it opens my mind and gets me out of my comfort zone. I do not have enough fingers to count how many times I have been to Bali and I also have attended several retreats there where I always comes back a better version of myself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many weeks do I have to be to attend?

The second trimester is when women are usually feeling their best emotionally and physically. However, I do understand that sometimes the retreat dates might not line up with where you are at in your pregnancy. So the retreat is actually open to wherever you are at in your pregnancy; just as long as you have a normal pregnancy and are covered by travel insurance. 

Can I come solo?

Yes, absolutely. I will make sure you feel equally welcomed and comfortable. If you would like to share a room with another solo traveller; then let me know and I will see what arises. Otherwise the single occupancy room will be your best option if it is still available.

I am worried about being pregnant and Bali belly! Is there anything to prevent it?

Please seek the advice from your caregiver. Complimentary to what they advise you of; I suggest taking a strong probiotic daily throughout your stay and starting it at least 1 month before travelling. Wash your hands frequently and use a hand sanitiser before meals whenever in doubt. Please note that I have chosen the clean and quiet Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Resort for the safety of pregnant women and this specific concern in mind. 

Can I get travel insurance to Bali while pregnant?

While I cannot recommend travel insurance companies to pregnant women and partners, you are able to find good options through a simple online search. There is one that does cover you into part of your third trimester. Please make sure you read all of their terms and conditions and try to speak to the insurance company via phone or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Can I fly to Bali while pregnant?

Please seek the advice from your caregiver and the airline companies. Depending on how far along you are; some may require a certificate from a doctor after a certain number of weeks. All airlines are different.

I want to come but I can’t get my partner on board!

I totally understand. While your partner will benefit immensely from the hypnobirthing course and the retreat; this can be a very special time for a friend, mother, sister etc to come along instead and be the support you need and deserve. 

What happens if I need medical assistance in Bali?

This retreat is for women with normal pregnancies. However, should you ever need medical attention or a peace of mind the Yayasan Bumi Sehat birth clinic is located in Ubud, which is a 35-minute drive from Floating Leaf. Yayasan Bumi Sehat is a free, not for profit organization and clinic with excellent maternal care providers.

Otherwise, there is a hospital just 2 minutes from Eco Floating Leaf and there are a few international hospitals about 30 minutes away. 

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

Of course. Just let me know what they are and I will be sure to let the Floating Leaf know. 

What is the itinerary for the retreat?

I will email this to you closer to the time. 

When is the next retreat?

I have them approximately every four months. I recommend you sign up for your FREE gift below and I will release the dates first through there.

Make A Booking

For availability and bookings please email: [email protected]